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My Thoughts on the GL1800 Goldwing

My bike!

I can hear it now the whinging why you buy a Goldwing, may have bought a car! or get a real bike!!!!!
Well this is where I let you know why I ride a Goldwing and not a HD, Rice Rocket or metric cruiser.

I am a biker! Lets get that straight now, I am NOT 1% "outlaw" nor a motorcyclist "weekend warrior" but I have done the whole rally thing, a bit too much in the younger days!!I have been riding all my riding life, held a bike license at 16, didn't get a car license until I was 22! I have ridden them all, from mopeds, jap "arse in air" street fighters, custom built (by myself) hardtail chops through to old British bikes, "normal" road bikes and big tourers! Crashed most of them, but hey life of a London dispatch rider!
I ride EVERYDAY! And I will pick up the bike keys more than the car keys.

Don't tell me how to ride unless you have at least half the years riding experience I have!
So rant over!!

Any way why the wing I hear you ask? Well to start with it is THE MIGHTY WING!!! Yes I paid CASH for a brand new one.. Yea Baby Yea!!
This bike is not what you think, I agree it is big.. Very big but this handles like a dream, cornering is great fun as the bike is so well balanced. The advantage of having a big bike is at its heart is a very big engine. It has a flat 6 cylinder 1800cc which is really smooth and delivers power throughout the throttle range, which is great for when you are powering out of bends getting away from other bikes trying to keep up LOL... yea 109 riders!!
So enough of technical bullshit, lets get into why I ride a Wing, this bike has it all and does everything I want, I can go for mental rides up SH16 (me, johnnyflash and bmz own this road!!) and the Coro Loop oh I love those roads... The wing gets the adrenalin pumping, all I can say is I am glad this thing has ABS braking!!!! Dargaville straight!
After doing light speed it then transforms in to the ultimate cruiser.. pop the cruiser pegs out, turn up the stereo and you just cruise along. The pillion has comfort too, including their own heated seat, the amount of pillions who have been on the back on long rides and had a short snooze is incredible! LOL it is great fun as well waking them up by dropping down a few gears and giving it a handful. Hahaha.

One of the greatest sides of the wing is the storage, I love being able to pull up at a cafe/diner, then be able to put my helmet and riding gear away so I don't have to lug it all around. Rides like the Rotary Coast to Coast this is where this comes into its element, park up at the food festival which is one of the stop points and then able to wander around unencumbered is great!!! Not trying to hold on to jacket, gloves and helmet whilst trying to eat a steak roll... I love watching others try LOL.

The storage also comes into own when travelling 2 up over night, it means that even in the worse weather I KNOW I will have dry clothes when I arrive.

There are many reasons I own a Goldwing!! But the biggest reason is I ***KING LOVE IT!!! NUFF SAID