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Ride to Sandspit
Friday 3rd July saw myself at a loose end so after meeting up with Rockbuddy we decided to go for a short ride. Due to being on call for Telecom the ride had to be pretty local so we decided to head off to Sandspit for lunch.

Short and sweet ride, it was interesting to me as I have never been to Sandspit before even though it is local to me.

SH1 wasn't too bad, travelled through the tunnels slowly due to them working on the road already!! umm leaky tunnel?

Another piece of roadworks again held us up, but managed to get most of the way towards the front of the queue.

The road to Sandspit from Warkworth was all clear, if you haven't been to Sandspit before then I would recommend going there for a lunch, the view from the cafe is really nice and the food wasn't too bad.

Coming back home we decided to take the old road past Waiwera, this road is now a great piece of tarmac to ride on with the lack of cars due to the tunnel!!

A short ride but was really worth it to get out and about at this time of year
Posted on 05 Jul 2009 by Dave
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